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Our coloring system involves a base color that is added to the top layers of the concrete which is permanent, this is the color hardener. This gives you a foundation color that will be covered by other colors known as the antiquing, which isn't permanent until the colors dry and the patio is sealed. These colors set the crevasses and your grout lines so they are more detailed and pronounced. The process we use is very unique, We can color it with shades and colors of your choosing, if you don't care for the colors you have chosen we simply wash it off and try other colors until you are satisfied.

There are other companies that once you pick your colors you're stuck. We feel, sometimes you do change your mind and we like to leave this option open for our customers.

Colors shown will vary from computer to computer. Use these colors as a reference only.


*Please note that Tile Red 1, Brick Red 1, and Terra Cotta 1 are swatches from one company, and Tile Red 2, Brick Red 2, and Terra Cotta 2 are swatches from a different company.

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